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Dragons are very strong creatures, they can also fly. Dragons can speak, just like humans, elves, orcs, ogres, goblins, dwarves, gnomes and halflings. Dragons are reptiles, so they can not become neither vampires nor werewolves. Dragons however ARE sentient beings, can speak - and have their own language too -, and even learn magic.

Every dragon is “born” as a Green Dragon, and later “evolves” into either Red Dragon or Golden Dragon via dropping their “outdated” scales in favour of newer ones with the different colour, coinciding with the act of acquiring their newfound powers. And so it goes on…. Dragons reproduce by eggs. At the age of 20-30 the dragon’s claws are ready. At the age of 50, the dragon’s wings are ready to fly.

Green Dragons Edit

Green tswegan by benwootten

Illustration by BenWootten

Every dragon is “born” to be a green dragon. When a dragon egg hatches, it is guaranteed that what comes out if always a Green Dragon. They are the weakest one of them all. They can’t breathe fire. When a Green Dragon is about 100 years old, he/she usually evolves into a Red Dragon or a Emerald Dragon (depends on the genes, ancestors).

Red Dragons Edit

Young red tswegan by benwootten-d567ymh

Illustration by BenWootten

One of the two possible branches a Green Dragon can evolve into after reaching the age of one century. They can breathe fire, and their crimson-coloured scales simply scream geared-for-offensive. They evolve into Black Dragons at the age of 400-500 years.

Black Dragons Edit

Blek tswegan of brum by shabazik-d6bq2ui

Illustration by Shabazik

Very strong. Their fire is much stronger too, strong enough to make steel melt. If Black Dragons meditate a lot in the darkness, they evolve into Shadow Dragons (and then live forever), if not, they die at the age of 1000-1500 years.

Shadow Dragons Edit

Shadow dragon by ascynd-d46ozu0

Illustrated by Ascynd

One of the strongest dragons. They are the fastest and most quiet flyers. They can create black fog around themselves (which they can see trough) with their mind. In addition to breathing fire like Red Dragons and Black Dragons, they are also capable of spitting lava. No one knows how can they just spit lava at will when their body most likely doesn't contain any rocks or stones that could be melted at will.

Emerald Dragon Edit

Emelard tswegan

Another path of evolutions dragons can take. Half of the Green Dragons evolve into Emerald Dragons instead of Red Dragons.

Instead of breathing fire, these dragons spit acid. Their scales are very strong, capable of holding back a Shadow Dragon’s fire. At the age of 400-500 years, they evolve to Golden Dragons.

Golden Dragon Edit

Gowden tswegan

Illustrated by Tacimur.

In addition to spiting acid, they can also shoot thunder balls out of their mouth. If they meditate in forests and mountains, they evolve into Diamond Dragons and live forever. If not, they die at the age of 1000-1500 years.

Diamond Dragon Edit

Taimon tswegan

They are much stronger than golden dragons. In addition of spiting acid and shooting thunder balls out of their mouth, they can also summon lightning strikes and tornadoes with their mind.

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