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Druids are a class that focuses on the usage of Nature Magic. They are the "priests" of nature.

They have devoted their lives to protect the nature and destroy those who wish to pollute the nature's beauty.

Druids view undead and demons as their biggest enemies, as abominations which need to be destroyed in order to protect nature from corruption.

Druids have the unique ability to take up the form of a wild animal. Their special bonds with nature also let them treat wild animals as allies, and

Druids are predominantly Wood Elves, but peoples of other races can be druids too. Most of the non-elf druids are fostered by Wood Elves.

Druids are distinguished from both Clerics and Magicians, as they use Nature Magic. Just like the earlier two, Druids also have access to the three basic spells.

The Original FRPG Edit

In the original forum-based RPG, being a Druid requires an Intelligence of 12 and a Wisdom of 14.

Being a magician grants the character basic knowledge of tracking, advanced knowledge of the Ancient Language, as well as the unique feat of being able to sense magical energies around himself/herself, and shapeshifting.

Druids have one dual-class prestige class: combining Warrior or Thief and Druid into Ranger. The special prestige class Bard is also unlockable for Druids.

The Games: 2012 and 2013 Edit

In the video game adaptations of the FRPG, Druids are similar to Magicians in the sense that they are limited. They cannot wear any armour and their selection of weapons is limited to staffs and clubs. In the 2012 game, they have even lesser hitpoints than Magicians.

However, to compensate for that, they have very high amount of spellpoints, and combine the advantages of Magicians and Clerics - being able to learn spells from scrolls, and gaining spells at levelups.