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House of Hengist
Hengistling, Hengisten
Royal house
Hengistid CoA

Coat of Arms of the Hestingid dynasty

Country Kingdom of Etrand
Titles King of Etrand
Margrave of Steelhelm (see House Osriking)
Founded 71 AEKE
Founder King Hengist I of Etrand
Final ruler King Sighard I of Etrand
Dissolution 145 AEKE
Ethnicity Human
Cadet branches House Osriking

The Hengistid dynasty - also known as Hengistling (Etrandish: Hengistling; IPA: [hɛnd͡ʒɪstlɪŋ], meaning "Hengist-descendants") or Hengisten (Etrandish: Hengisten; IPA: [hɛnd͡ʒɪstɛn], meaning "of Hengist") - was the ruling family of Etrand between 71 and 145 AEKE.

Even though the main line of the Hengistlings died out in 145 AEKE with the death of Sighard, a cadet branch of the family descended from Osric the Usurper, House Osriking still survives. and continues to hold the Margraviate of Steelhelm.

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