Language: English
Kingdom of Froturn
Fróturnan Ríccia
Fróturnan Ríccia (High Elven)
Around 1300 BEKE–???

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Coat of arms

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Location of Froturn
Capital Yanus
Languages Official language: High Elven
Recognized minority languages:
Religion Church of Titanius
Government Mixed, functionally Constitutional monarchy
 -  ~1300 BEKE Salvia the Great (first)
 - From 809 AEKE Ivahó (current)
 -  Unification Around 1300 BEKE
 - First Froturn-Etrandish War 1136-1135 BEKE
 - Second Froturn-Etrandish War 1106 BEKE
 - Demonic Invasions 251-263 AEKE
 - Froturnish Civil War 809 AEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Kingdom of Froturn (High Elven: Fróturnan Ríccia; IPA: [froːtʊɾnɑn riːt͡ʃːɑ]) is a unitary state that was first formed roughly around 1300 BEKE. The exact conditions of the foundation of the state are unknown, by the 12th century BEKE, it was definitely a unified state, even waging a war with Fathred's Confederation between 1135 and 1136 BEKE.

Between 1100 and 800 BEKE however, Froturn saw a lot of political turmoil and de facto fragmentation. In 900 BEKE, the kingdom existed in name only, while much of the land outside the capital was ruled by independent warlords. Froturn was re-unified by 800 BEKE.

While Froturn is and always was a state dominated by High Elves, it has always had a sizeable Halfling minority, predating the very existence o the state.

While Froturn today may not be the center of global trade, or the strongest military power, it is a very important center of learning and religion, filled with several sites and buildings sacred to the Church of Titanius, attracting pilgrims and students alike. Froturn is considered an important center of the studies of Magic and Literature.

History Edit

Demographics Edit

The population of Froturn as of 831 AEKE is 2,493,900.

Races Edit

Race Amount Percentage
High Elves 2,200,000 88.22%
Halflings 220,000 8.82%
Half-Elves 25,000 1%
Humans 20,000 0.8%
Orcs 1,300 0.05%
Gnomes 6,000 0.24%
Dark Elves 7,500 0.3%
Wood Elves 10,000 0.4%
Dwarves 4,000 0.16%
Half-Orcs 100 0%

Religion Edit

The population of Froturn is overwhelmingly following the Titanist faith, making up around 97% of the population - the rest 3% is made up of various religious minorities, the largest of them being the followers of the Cult of Nature, making up 1.44% of Froturn's population.

The Cult of Nature gained foothold in Froturn in the late 8th century AEKE, during the reign of King Cael'mus the Lean, who had good relations with the Kingdom of Dragoc, granted immunity to converts to that religion, infuriating the native Titanist clergy. It is said that between 770 and 818, the religion has gained over 22 000 converts in Froturn - making up 2.57% of Froturn's population together with Wood Elven immigrants -, although their numbers would dwindle down to 1 000 by 830, explained by many of them either emigrating to Dragoc or reverting to Titanism, reducing the percentage of Naturalists to 1.44%.

After the death of Cael'mus in 809, the two consuls who would be the country's de facto rulers continued his policy of tolerance and openness, but after their fall in 818, new policies were enacted: Druids who convert High Elves to their religion would be banished, High Elves who convert away from Titanism would be persecuted.

Growing increasingly concerned with the persecution of converts and the confusion in Froturn, both the Druids and Titanist Clerics asked the King to make a statement to clear out any misunderstandings. In 822, he made a speech in Yanus, which was written down on a parchment, translated to Wood Elven and spread around Froturn to make sure both Titanists and Naturalists read it.

We have always ensured that Wood Elves who have chosen Froturn as their new home would be free to practice the religion of their ancestors without fear of harassment or persecution.
We still welcome Wood Elven migrants with open arms and promise that they have the freedom to practice their own faith with my blessings. What does NOT have my blessing on the other hand is vile attempts to convince High Elves to stray away from the Path of Light.
We respect the Wood Elven religion and recognize their merits, and we ask in return that they respect ours and abandon their ambitions to subvert ours.
Druids who are caught converting Titanists to their religion will be deported back to Dragoc. Titanists who stray away from the righteous Path of Light will be judged accordingly by the Inquisiton.
King Ivahó of Froturn

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