Language: English

Republic of Keldorn
102 AEKE–???

Keldorn shield.png
Coat of arms

Keldorn today vector.svg
Location of Keldorn
Capital Magnus Nex Urbs
Languages Official language:
Keldorni Etrandish
Minority languages:
Religion Atheism
Government Oligarchic republic
 -  The Great Exodus 102 AEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Republic of Keldorn - also known as Empire of Keldorn - is a state located on the isle with the same name.

Republic of the Undead. Mindless skeleton and zombie workers everywhere. In most of the existing countries, the vast majority of the people are citizens of the state, and are capable of thinking. Not here. The vast majority are mindless undead skeletons and zombies, working for their masters. Their masters are the citizens. Good solution: if the majority are mindless, they are incapable of a revolt.

Government Edit

The laws ask for absolute obedience to the council, but due to the corrupted and traitorous nature of the undead and the necromancers, this is not always so true. The richest bribe the members of the council.

As Keldorn is a republic, its ruler isn't a single person, instead an 5-member council. The council consists of:

Demographics Edit

As of 831 AEKE, the total number of living and soul-owning undead beings in Keldorn was 259,000.

Do note that this following chart only applies to the sentient living/undead population of Keldorn. Also, do note that Human Vampires, Human Werewolves and formerly-human Liches are all counted as Humans.

Race Amount Percentage
Goblins* 90,000 34.75%
Humans 70,000 27.03%
Dark Elves 10,000 3.86%
Lizardmen 20,000 7.72%
Gnomes 18,000 6.95%
Half-Elves 17,000 6.56%
Orcs 10,000 3.86%
Half-Orcs 9,000 3.47%
Dwarves 5,000 1.93%
High Elves 5,000 1.93%
Halflings 4,000 1.54%
Wood Elves 1,000 0.39%

* The Goblins are overwhelmingly slaves.